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Writing Blood Loss



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Aloha all…

This is a posting an online acquaintance made on his blog this past Thanksgiving. It moved me more than anything I’ve ever read in all the social network kind of sites combined. Simple truths, my friends…


Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Different Kind of Thanksgiving

This is not the pilgrims and the Indians, this is not the large family surrounding the table filled with freshly baked turkey and gravy. Today is just me and mom…and dad….sort of.

Dad is dying. There really is no way around this. He is confined to a hospital bed in the front room and is barely responding. Mom and I have adjusted his position to keep him comfortable. He opens his eyes, but can’t speak. He is a frail, wilted skeleton of the man that was my father. We were never close as I was growing up. Over the years, he has mellowed and I’ve come to appreciate his love for me. Now, though, there is really nothing left. My dad has always had a dry sense of humor, but I could always make him laugh. Try as I may, he isn’t laughing anymore, or even smiling. His chest rattles as his lungs fill with fluid….again. Mom and I have spent the day talking about what we’re gonna do….after. We’ve got to get a funeral home here, and then we’ll need to get dad’s ashes home (his real home, Cape Cod) for a scattering at sea. There will be a memorial service at some point there and probably one here in FL as well. So much to do, and he’s not even dead yet.

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