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Re-gifted Christmas Tales

And so we draw nearer to yet another Christmas. InĀ deference to the hectic pace of 2012, I would like to repost two of my Christmas New-Classics: Krampus and The Night Before Anti-Christmas. These are dark tales meant to add a little savory to your sweet. Take my words with a grain of Celtic sea salt and an elven tongue in cheek. Tis the season, dontcha know…

Merry Christmas!
Brett – The Original Kris Kringle





Dark Family Circus

The Nightmare Before Anti-Christmas

The Night Before Anti-Christmas

Dark Family Circus

Aloha, my friends…

I wrote this one strange and lonely night just a bit before Christmas, 2005.

Please allow me this holiday whimsy inspired by the late master of the macabre, H.P. Lovecraft and his pseudonym L. Frank Baum. Together to the world they bring Oz, Cthulhu, Santa, the Elder Things and me…

Be warned – this is dark stuff. But then again, so is the Bible.

Merry Christmas with all my love!


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