The Tao of Chickens


And the Chickens Know Me as Oberon


My name is Brett Thomas Botbyl. I was born November 19th, 1963 and have walked many paths and worn many masks. What can I say? All things change. Like most kids, my childhood was filled with incredible highs and a few painful lows. But oh, the adventures! I was Batman, Superman, Spiderman and James Bond. I was wealthy and famous, Zorro and Captain Kirk. And when there was an audience, I was Frank, Elvis, Tom Jones and Carol King. You know? I’ve never stopped dreaming.

peace-man.gif Miss Thang!


I’ve lived for the last ten years in Hawaii. Before that? New York, California, New York, New Jersey, Alpha Centauri. But now…Paradise. Home sweet home. Earth. The Big Blue Marble. We all have it rough. We all take a beating. For some, it’s easy. The rest of us? The shaft. Ten percent of us get the shaft a little differently than the rest. In a world of Robert Youngs and Donna Reeds, we’re born feeling just a bit different. We’re drawn to members of the same gender. Boys to boys, girls to girls, boys to boys and girls….you get the drift. It’s a lucky few of us within that select ten percent that ever come to a place of peace in our lives. That minority comes to realize that past all the hate and anger and petty judgment lies a life capable of love and understanding. I’m part of that minority. I am loved by the most beautiful person in the world and for the last fifteen have shared a truly amazing and loving relationship. Not to say it’s easy.

But hey…what on Earth is?



One response to “The Tao of Chickens

  • dancinglopez

    Hey, it’s Maryann. I am so excited that we are in a play together… I very much enjoyed you in As You Like It and now we are working together! Hooray… I love the satire in your writing. I’m gonna post some of my poetry, feel free to comment.


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